The Case For Moves Management

    Moves Management is a hot topic throughout the nonprofit industry. And rightfully so! Taking unknown individuals and turning them into life-long major gift donors should be an important focus for every nonprofit, regardless of their organizational mission. This process is even more important after the changes in giving revealed in Giving USA 2019 report, which indicated that both overall giving and total number of donors are down.

    For those unaware, moves management is the process of taking unknown prospect and moving them through specific and deliberate steps to ensure they become a life-long major gift donor. With the startling reality of decreased giving, nonprofits need to work smarter and more efficiently to ensure fulfillment of their mission. This is where the importance of moves management comes into play.

    The Steps of the Moves Management Cycle

    So we know the goal of moves management is to turn unknown prospects into life-long donors. The next question is – do we simply implement it and watch the donations come in? If only it were so easy!

    Before building a moves management program within your nonprofit organization, it’s important to know the steps. 

    Every moves management cycle will follow the same six steps.

    The steps within the moves management cycle are the same with every nonprofit:

    • Identification: The process of finding new opportunities among individuals, companies, and foundations
    • Qualification: The process of conducting initial research to evaluate the ability to give
    • Discovery: The process of making initial contact with prospective donors
    • Cultivation: The process of building relationships with prospective donors
    • Solicitation: The process of making an informed gift ask
    • Stewardship: The process of developing the relationship 

    Depending on the size of the nonprofit organization, scope of responsibilities, and internal processes, each of the steps will look a bit different. For example, a two person animal shelter will identify prospects in a different manner than an alumni office of a top-ten university. 

    An Introduction To Moves Management

    With nonprofits facing the challenge of decreasing donors and lower donations, it’s important to prospective donors to think and act strategically. Because moves management will help you find major gift prospects and turn them into life-long major gift donors, it should be on the radar of every nonprofit. 

    Our newest cheat sheet will help your nonprofit organization learn exactly how your nonprofit organization can begin implementing moves management, download our cheat sheet.

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