iWave Launches Upgraded Wealth Screening

iWave Wealth Screening with improved matching intelligence, multiple affinities, and even more customization now available.

Charlottetown, 16 October 2018 – iWave, an industry-leading prospect research platform, is pleased to announce an upgraded version of its proprietary wealth screening feature. iWave’s screening allows nonprofit organizations to uncover top potential donors that are both inclined and have the capacity to donate a major gift to their cause.

iWave screening is built on a foundation of customization and transparency that is the first of its kind.  It puts organizations in control of the wealth screening process, allowing users to customize parameters to the individual organization’s projects and goals. Users also have complete transparency into the records and formulas that make up prospect scores to ensure confidence in the results. As prospect or donor information changes, users can easily add new information and refresh results at any time.

With the latest upgrade to iWave screening, users will now experience improved matching intelligence, the ability to select multiple affinities, and even more customization.

The improvements include:

  1. Multiple Affinities – Users now have the ability to choose a primary and secondary affinity for screening projects. This means users are able to identify prospective donors who are connected to more than one cause (i.e. education and health care, or the arts and human services).  iWave profiles will rate the prospect’s connection to each affinity and provide an overall affinity score.
  2. Improved Real Estate Matching – Real estate information is now matched with even greater sophistication, including matching on spouses.
  3. Name Variation Matching – This is an age-old industry challenge that iWave has taken a new approach which will result in a higher confidence of match.
  4. Gift Capacity Range – You asked and we listened. The estimated capacity amount is still available, but for the most part, it will be presented in the form of a range, which is more relevant to the front lines.

“At iWave we believe in continually enhancing and improving all features so they provide the absolute best value for our users,” said Gerry Lawless, CTO at iWave.  “These latest client driven improvements were done in an effort to provide even more customization and to return more relevant information on prospective donors.” iWave screening searches individuals across iWave’s 1 billion wealth and philanthropic records to generate an overall iWave score. Users are also given the opportunity to incorporate internal giving data to generate a recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) score for each individual. Together this information paints a comprehensive picture of an individual’s major gift potential and enables nonprofits of all sizes to fundraise with confidence.

To learn more about iWave screening, click here to request a demonstration.

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