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As the world of fundraising adapts to the many changes that 2020 has brought us, it’s helpful for nonprofit organizations to have tools that will grow and adapt with them so that they can operate at their most efficient level. At iWave, we listen closely to the feedback of our users and the industry to ensure that we’re constantly improving and keeping up with the ever-changing nonprofit landscape. With this in mind, we’ve recently made some improvements to our wealth screening to help nonprofits identify additional donor opportunities.

iWave Wealth Screening enables you to segment hundreds or thousands of individuals you know very little about into a prioritized list based on their capacity and inclination to give to your organization. iWave’s Screening works by matching individuals to iWave’s database: the industry’s most comprehensive source of wealth, philanthropic, and biographic records.

As part of these new improvements to iWave Screening, we’ve recently added 26 new fields to our screening reports, helping nonprofits more efficiently find, segment, and prioritize donors and prospects. These new fields are available to organizations using the new iWave platform

Here are some of the highlights of these new improvements: 


See the Full Picture

With these new improvements and added fields, iWave Screening will now identify connections between an individual and a foundation or public charity and provide screening results that contain the name and assets of the public charity or foundation if an individual is associated with one. iWave’s screening results now also contain age range, additional donation information segmented by affinity, and additional business information including business email and phone number allowing you to get an enhanced picture of major gift prospects. 


Save Time 

The ability to perform on-the-spot wealth screenings and receiving actionable insights is a must-have in a fundraising intelligence tool. Using iWave Screening is a time-saver because you are able to get all of the information you’re looking for in one place. Unlike other tools in the market, the iWave platform flags a constituent that is affiliated with a Public Charity, and now with these new improvements, iWave also provides the foundation name and foundation asset amount in one place so you can easily access it. 


Set Your Priorities 

Not only does iWave Screening deliver a list of individuals prioritized based on their capacity and inclination to give to your organization, but these new fields offer even more options for sorting and filtering what is most important to your organization’s goals. 


To see how these new screening improvements can help you fundraise with confidence, book a personalized demo here.


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