2017 In Review

2017 was a great year for the nonprofit community, and it was also one of the busiest years ever for iWave Information Systems. As we approach the holidays, it’s time to reflect on the year soon coming to pass. Here is a brief review of what we’ve been up to at iWave headquarters over the past year.

New Datasets and Partnerships

Due to popular demand, we added two new datasets to iWave: relationship data from Relationship Science and wealth data from Thomson Reuters. We overhauled our iWave Screening platform to enhance matching algorithms, speed, and will soon introduce a new daily patient screening offering for healthcare organizations.

We focused a lot on integrations this year. The long-awaited Tessitura integration was finally completed this year. Our developers launched an enhanced version of the iWave for Salesforce just in time for iWave’s debut at Dreamforce, the largest software conference in the world. iWave also became an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner with Salesforce.

And if you’re a Raisers Edge user, you’re in luck. You will soon be able to access our upcoming iWave/RE integration. Stay tuned for more updates.

Client Success Department

In late 2016, the iWave team decided to invest in a Client Success department. This team works to educate, assist, and empower clients to use PRO more effectively and efficiently. Whether you are looking for training, technical support, or just want to learn more about the latest updates and best practices, our team of experienced and passionate Success Managers are here to help. Visit our Support site to get in touch!

Channel Partners

Back in October, Trent Beattie joined the iWave team as Vice President of Channel Partners. Our partners now have a dedicated advocate who can collect feedback while sharing news on the latest iWave tools and features. For iWave, the enhanced partner program means reaching a broader audience of industry leaders and leveraging the expertise of those leaders to shape future product upgrades and innovations.

Thank you to our partners for your continued support, collaboration, and client commitment. We look forward to working with you in 2018 and onward. If you have any questions about the Channel Partner program, please reach out to

New Partnership with Sverica Capital Management

We had a big announcement halfway through 2017. Sverica Capital Management LLC, along with Ross Beattie and Gerry Lawless, acquired iWave from former owner Jamie Hill.  iWave has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and now it’s time to enter the next phase of growth.

CEO Gerry Lawless had this to say: “Partnering with Sverica will expand our capacity to deliver the best value for our client organizations, provide rewarding careers for our team members, and create value for our stakeholders. Most importantly, this will position us to build on our long-term strategy to produce a category leading-company that fundamentally changes the way nonprofits find major gifts to support their great causes.”

Growing Our Team

As iWave grew over the past year, so did our team. As well as adding new members to each of our departments, we also developed an experienced, passionate, and committed executive team:

Looking Ahead to the Future

We are not planning on slowing down any time soon! 2018 will mean more product features, integrations, and more. We even have three new datasets coming soon – keep in touch with us via the iWave Blog for more details.

Thank you to our clients, partners, and friends for your support. We look forward to serving the nonprofit community for many years to come.

Enjoy a fun, safe, and relaxing holiday season. You’ve earned it! See you in 2018 for another exciting new year.

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