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Expensive, incomplete picture, too many false positives, time-consuming. . . Sound familiar when you think of wealth screening? Not anymore. Use iWave’s PROscreen feature to uncover top potential donors that are inclined and have the capacity to give to your organization. How? PROscreen rethinks wealth screening.
It’s built on a foundation of customization and transparency that puts you, the expert, in control. Here’s how:



PROscreen is so easy to use. The first day, I found scores for several names from our lower tier that are now on our major gift level. I appreciate the speed and efficiency, and I can trust the sources of information.”

Susan Gahan, Prospect Management and Research Associate / Minnesota Historical Society

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PROscore Credits

Your subscription to iWave includes a certain number of PROscore credits that can be used to build automated individual PROfiles, to create multiple PROfiles, to score a prospect within your DMS, and to run PROscreen wealth screening projects. You can also purchase additional PROscore credits or upgrade to an iWave package that includes more PROscore Credits.

These 4 iWave features use PROscore Credits:

Generic PROfile

Automated PROfiles

iWave creates the PROfile for you with only a name and address but gives you the ability to validate the PROfile after adding and deleting records. Every PROfile created receives a PROscore that rates the individual’s propensity, affinity, and baseline capacity to give to your organization. PROfiles manually created via 360search or individual datasets do not use PROscore credits.

1 credit per individual PROfile created via automated PROfile builder.

Create Multiple PROfiles

Create Multiple PROfiles

Rather than creating PROfiles one at a time or running a full PROscreen, you can do a simple “batch upload” and create up to 50 PROfiles simultaneously. PROfiles can be individually validated and edited, or you can export a list of results to analyze, compare, and upload into your DMS.

1 credit per prospect uploaded/scored through batch upload.

PRO-DMS integration

DMS Integration

View your donor’s propensity, affinity, and baseline capacity ratings without leaving your DMS.

1 credit per prospect scored/refreshed.

PROscreen wealth screening tool


A PROscreen project utilizes PROscore credits when it is successfully completed. The PROscore credit system makes it affordable to screen your entire donor database or smaller segments more often.

1 credit per prospect uploaded/scored.

This is exactly the transparency we’re familiar with from iWave. The scores and ratings may not be validated and ready to use, but they’re a starting point because you tell us where they came from and let us adjust them.”

Donna Moriarty, Manager of Advancement Research / Ryerson University

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