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iWave’s Screening is built on a foundation of customization and transparency that is the first of its kind. It enables development departments to segment hundreds or thousands of individuals you know very little about into a prioritized list of prospects with the greatest capacity and inclination to donate a major gift to your organization.

For decades, wealth screening has been expensive, provided incomplete and quickly out-of-date data, offered inaccurate prospect ratings with many false positives, and took weeks to return results.

That story is changing, with iWave. iWave’s Screening provides a fresh approach, giving you confidence that you’re asking the right person, for the right amount, at the right time.

What Makes It Different



iWave Screening is so easy to use. The first day, I found scores for several names from our lower tier that are now on our major gift level. I appreciate the speed and efficiency, and I can trust the sources of information.”

Susan Gahan, Prospect Management and Research Associate / Minnesota Historical Society

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iWave’s Screening works by matching individuals to information in iWave’s database: the industry’s most comprehensive source of wealth, philanthropic and biographic records. It’s a simple 4-step process:

Step 1

Upload a list of individuals to screen for wealth and philanthropic indicators.

Step 2

Customize settings to your organization’s specific fundraising goals. For example, major gift ranges, strictness of the matching filter, weighting of key components (propensity, affinity, and capacity), and the cause you want to find prospects connected to.

Step 3

With one click, create profiles for top major gift prospects that have been identified.

Step 4

Validate and refresh results any time within iWave.


Before using iWave Screening I was individually researching thousands of people. It was really slow and involved a lot of guess work. Now I can screen prospects across all kinds of data and pinpoint the top percentage who come back above a certain threshold—that takes half an hour. iWave’s Screening has helped us exceed our fundraising goals every year.”

Ryan Marshall, Prospect Development Analyst / Concordia University, St. Paul

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