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Tired of looking so hard? Frustrated by inaccurate information? Give yourself a head start with the best one-stop-shop for prospect development. Prospect Research Online (PRO) brings you wealth and philanthropic information on prospects and donors so you can quickly determine 1) Do they have a history of giving? 2) Do they love your cause? 3) How much do they have to give?.  With Prospect Research Online you’ll know who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask. Here’s how.

Prospect Research Online Search, Screen, Score

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The first of its kind: PROscore provides deeper insight into propensity, affinity, and capacity to give.

The Data You Need

Prospect Research Online’s innovative bundle of data providers allows development and fundraising professionals to gather philanthropic and wealth information on foundations, individuals, and corporations in a very cost effective and timely manner. Prospect Research Online includes many time-saving features PLUS the following datasets:

PRO Dataset Chart

For more information on each of PRO’s datasets, click here.


Rethink wealth screening.

Use PROscreen to uncover top potential donors that are inclined and have the capacity to give to your organization.  It’s built on a foundation of customization and transparency that puts you, the expert, in control.

With PROscreen You Can:
      • Get a segmented view of a portion or all of your database that highlights which prospects warrant deeper research
      • Rate a donor’s propensity, affinity, capacity, and overall potential to give to your organization
      • Customize numerous parameters so you can have confidence in the results
      • Get a starting point and then the tools to validate, add & delete records, and refresh scores
      • Export a list of scores to evaluate, compare, and upload into your donor management system (DMS)
Prospect Research Online Wealth Screening


Introducing the Smarter prospect scoring system.

PROscore gives you deeper insight into your prospect’s propensity, affinity, and capacity to give. In other words, how philanthropic are they? How much do they love your cause? How much do they have to give?

With PROscore You Can:
      • Prioritize a list of prospects based on their inclination, affinity, and capacity to give
      • Customize the weighting of the aspects that make up the PROscore for stronger confidence that it aligns with your fundraising strategy
      • Customize the capacity ranges for synchronization with your target prospects
Prospect Research Online capacity rating


Building Prospect Profiles is easier than ever before.

With Prospect Research Online’s automated PROfile builder you can build a prospect identification profile in under a minute.

Starting at step 1, you have the ability to choose which records to include in the PROfile, giving you the confidence that the records and PROfile are accurate.

With every PROfile comes a PROscore so with complete transparency you can see your prospect’s propensity, affinity and capacity to give to your organization.

Set Alerts:
Not only can you save your PROfiles for quick access, but you can also enable automatic alerts to notify you via email of changes to any of the records within the PROfile.

Share PROfiles online with other members of your team allowing them to update and maintain the PROfile with you. And don’t waste time piecing together a report, PROfiles are formatted for easy printing with just one click.

Prospect Research Online prospect Profile

Prospect Research Online has the data you need and the features you want.


Create Multiple PROfiles

PRO users can create multiple PROfiles simultaneously with a simple “batch upload” using only a name, city, and state/province. Up to 50 individuals can be uploaded per batch and you can export a list of results to evaluate, compare, and upload into a DMS.

With the Create Multiple PROfiles feature you’ll be able to:
      • Receive a propensity, affinity, and baseline capacity rating for each prospect, all of which will be used to give you an overall PROscore
      • Customize the PROfile, ratings, and scores to meet your organization’s needs
      • Download a list of prospect ratings/scores so you can evaluate, compare, and upload into your donor management system
      • View the records that make up the PROfile and scores, add and delete records, and refresh scores as you verify
Create prospect PROfiles in Prospect Research Online


Search a single name across all of PRO’s industry leading data providers with just one click.

With 360search You Can:
    • Save time and stop searching the same prospect across multiple databases and tools
    • Identify which dataset will offer the most information for further research
    • Get a quick snapshot of a single prospect’s profile
    • Quickly verify information sourced from other areas
Search Prospect Research Online with just one click


Let us do some of the work for you – be notified via email of any new activity or record changes for your tracked prospects.

With 360alerts You Can:
      • Make timely asks with email notification of your top prospects’ stock disposal, promotions and mergers
      • Stay up to date on your prospects’ activities without having to login every day
      • Organize and manage your Alerts on your schedule within PRO
Email alerts in Prospect Research Online

DMS Integration

View your donor’s propensity, affinity, and baseline capacity ratings without leaving your donor management system (DMS). PRO currently integrates with Salesforce and Tessitura CRM, but there are more DMS integrations on the way.

With a PRO-DMS integration you can:
      • Access valuable donor insights faster and more efficiently
      • View an initial snapshot of a donor’s wealth, biographical, and philanthropic background via PROscore
      • Do all of this and more without leaving your DMS


Salesforce Tessitura
Prospect Research Onlin - DMS integration