Strategically Leverage Your Entire Donor Database

The first of its kind in the nonprofit industry, Multi-Lens Scoring boosts your fundraising ROI by matching ideal donors to specific fundraising goals.

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Profile lenses

Evaluate your donors against multiple goals

Dig deeper in your database and look beyond major giving opportunities. Discover ideal donors for annual giving campaigns, donors who are likely to support new campaigns, opportunities for increased membership, and more.

prospect research tool

Personalize campaigns through hypersegmentation

Develop highly-personalized campaigns by identifying secondary donor affinities that align with your campaign goals and use these insights to formulate impactful messaging.

iWave Integrations

Integrate iWave with your favorite tool

iWave connects with leading DMS software to enrich records with fundraising intelligence. Some integrations also provide access to Multi-Lens Scoring directly in your donor records.

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How It Works

Multi-lens scoring step 1

Step 1: Create Scoring Lenses

You can think about the iWave Score as your nonprofit’s personalized prospect score. We give you the ability to customize how a prospect is scored based on your unique organization. This provides you with the flexibility to customize scoring preferences as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

Multi-lens scoring step 2

Step 2: Screen Constituents and Receive Actionable Insights

View and compare results from each lens side by side with options to filter, sort and export easily.

Multi-Lens Scoring Examples

Multi-Lens Scoring search


Sort through a large number of prospects to find the best prospective donors and tailor your messaging to their interests.


Set up multiple lenses using different primary affinities to look at the same prospects.

A hospital that is running a capital campaign to raise funds for an Art Therapy Facility can increase its campaign effectiveness by finding donors who exhibit two affinities: Healthcare and Arts and Culture. Here’s how:

Within iWave’s settings, you are able to select Healthcare as the primary affinity (giving interest) to find donors that have donated to healthcare organizations in the past and have a high capacity and history of giving.

Then, using Multi-Lens Scoring, you can set up another lens by selecting Arts and Culture as the primary affinity. Under this view, you will uncover prospects that have a track record of donating to arts and culture causes or those who are an executive or a board member at an arts and culture organization.

Now you can segment your top prospects into two lists based on their affinity, and engage with each group using tailored messaging that focuses on their giving interest in healthcare or arts and culture. This is an excellent place to start prospecting for your Art Therapy Facility.

Multi-Lens Scoring customize


Maximize donations by identifying members that can give more.


Set up a lens that has heavier score weightings on capacity and propensity.

An art museum with paying members can easily identify top wealthy prospects that can make larger gifts. Here’s how:

When you screen your full list of donors, members, museum attendees and prospects, you can use equal weights for affinity, propensity and capacity to identify your top wealthy prospects that are most likely to give to you.

They are your members, so you know they already have a strong affinity to your mission. Using Multi-Lens Scoring, you can create a new lens and change the weights of the propensity, capacity, and affinity to put more weight on capacity and propensity.

You may reduce affinity to 5%, while making capacity
80% and propensity 15%. This allows you to pinpoint and
focus your energy on members who have the ability to
give more.

What Makes Us Different

Affinity Scores

iWave is the only fundraising intelligence platform that measures how passionate a donor is about your cause.

Dependable Capacity Scores

Our capacity scores are not affected by differences in cost of living by geography—ensuring that wealth ratings are not artificially inflated.


One size rarely fits all in our industry. This is why we offer the ability for you to customize modeling and analytics to align with your organization’s projects and goals.


By providing transparency into the records and formulas that generate prospect scores, we help you make sense of your results in a way that is operationally valuable and trusted by your fundraising team.

Robust Data

To reap the benefits of fundraising intelligence, we connect you to the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data source. Tap into billions of data points from over 40 wealth, biographic, and philanthropic data sources.

Concordia University Saint Paul

"I can screen 200 alumni in a certain area across all kinds of datasets and pinpoint 50 who came back above a certain threshold—that takes half an hour."

Ryan Marshall

Prospect Research Analyst

Concordia University - Saint Paul

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