The Industry’s First
Foundation and Company Screening

The first of its kind, iWave’s revolutionary Foundation and Company Screening enables nonprofits to secure more grants and gifts by accelerating their foundation and corporate research efforts.

For decades, foundation and corporate research has been a time-consuming, labor intensive process that involved searching multiple databases one at a time, collecting all the data in one place, and manually calculating ratings for each prospect in order to identify top prospects.

With iWave’s Foundation and Company Screening, you can quickly segment hundreds or thousands of foundations and corporations into a prioritized list with actionable insights for your top prospects.

Similar to iWave Screening for individuals, nonprofits are able to fully customize their experience based on their unique missions and funding interests. This highly-anticipated feature delivers affinity scores, giving capacity, grant details and analytics for US and Canadian institutions to support your foundation and corporate fundraising strategies in a way you’ve never seen before.

You can use the feature to:


Quickly identify top institutions
who have a history of giving to organizations like yours.


Segment and prioritize
institutions using scores and results that are tailored to your organization.


Understand an institution’s
giving capacity and giving patterns to determine the best ask amount.


Uncover detailed information
including grants awarded, sales volume, total assets, EIN numbers, and contact information.


Receive comprehensive
foundation and company profiles.


Easily view a side-by-side comparison
of foundations or companies.

How It Works:

iWave’s Foundation and Company Screening matches institutions to information in iWave’s datasets: the industry’s most comprehensive source of wealth, philanthropic and biographical records. Datasets include GuideStar, VeriGift, Dun and Bradstreet, Thomson Reuters, CoreLogic and many more!

STEP 1: Upload List

Upload a list of foundations and/or companies to screen for wealth and philanthropic indicators.

STEP 2: Customize Settings

Customize settings to your nonprofit’s specific fundraising goals.

For example, input ideal grant sizes and select your cause (affinity) to find foundations and companies that are giving to organizations like yours.

STEP 3: Analyze and Act

Receive detailed results and create profiles for your top corporate and foundation prospects so your nonprofit can cultivate relationships with the right institutions and determine the right ask amount.

Are you a grant seeker looking for new prospects?

iWave has you covered! You can easily build a list of US or Canadian foundation prospects, including private foundations and public charities, based on a number of criteria including location, affinity category (e.g. healthcare, education, etc.), and family foundations. Then, screen your list using our Foundation and Company Screening feature to rate, prioritize, and gain a deeper understanding of your new top prospects.

Ready to learn how this feature will help you secure more grants and gifts?