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Is it time to build a new library or science center at your college? Then you may want to consider launching a capital campaign. This form of fundraising is a great way to get the funds you need within your desired timeline. Though for your campaign to be successful, you’ll need the proper tools.

At iWave, we offer a next-generation fundraising platform built on billions of datapoints designed to make fundraising easier and more efficient. If you’re ready to kick off your school’s capital campaign, we’re ready to help you. We’ll even show you how to reach some of the very best potential donors: alumni.

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What’s a Capital Campaign?

A capital campaign is generally used to raise funds for structures that will help organizations grow. You should utilize this type of campaign for a one-time goal rather than ongoing improvements to the school or new program creation.

This type of fundraising can be broken into two separate fundraising campaigns:

  • Private (Quiet)
    The initial fundraising stage in a capital campaign. This is when you’d reach out to specific donors to ask for gifts to get started. The private, or quiet, phase of the campaign is where you’ll raise the majority of funding needed for your goal.
  • Public
    After the private portion of the capital campaign, the next step is to open it up to public fundraising. This is when anyone can make a donation to help fill in the gaps and bring you over the finish line to your goal.

Since the majority of your fundraising should be done in the private phase, it’s crucial you’re using the proper tools to maximize your donations. Reaching your goal or even surpassing it during the private fundraising segment means your campaign will be more successful and ensures you’ll reach your goals.

How Can iWave Create a More Successful Campaign?

If you’re looking to start a capital campaign, consider teaming up with iWave to get the job done. We’re especially helpful in the private phase to help you find the best donors for your mission. Our fundraising software analyzes billions of datapoints for you to help save time. The platform then organizes the information to show you which potential donors are the best match for your organization.

Some of the best potential donors are alumni. If someone has attended your school in the past, they are more likely to be a grateful donor. Our fundraising software will help you discover which alumni are more likely to support your campaign.

We’ll take information about your alumni and organize it in a list from most likely to give to least likely. This feature helps you save time by pinpointing which donors you should ask from first as well as which ones have the greatest propensity to give. We’ll then uncover how much to ask for, so you can feel greater confidence in your ask and leave knowing no money was left on the table.

How to Fundraise from Alumni

Once you’ve identified who to ask from, it’s time to go to work. Fundraising can be quick and simple and allow you to get the gifts you need when you need them. Some ways you can reach out to donors in the private phase include:

  • Schedule meetings with your potential donors to discuss your mission and what your new building will provide for your school.
  • Send out letters or emails to help save time and maximize donations.
  • Make fundraising even more interesting by offering to sell naming rights to your former students. From benches outside the building to pillars, you can create a price sheet of how much naming rights will cost to help bring in the funding you need at the private level.

Make Fundraising More Exciting

After you’ve uncovered the best alumni to jumpstart your capital campaign during the private phase, it’s time to fundraise at the public level. When you open to the public for donations, some of the ways you can engage your audience includes:

  • Social Media Presence
    The best way to reach your goal is to make sure people know about your cause. Social media is a great tool enabling you to reach a wider audience than ever before.Spread awareness for your capital campaign by creating a Facebook page or sharing a hashtag. Ask your current students and alumni to share the hashtag, so people can click on it and learn more about why you’re building your new hall or educational center. From there, the public can make a donation and continue to spread your cause.
  • Host a Raffle
    You can also ask alumni to donate items for a raffle. Does a former student work for a sports team? Then they may be able to contribute tickets to a game! Consider a tech graduate who can donate the latest gadget their company is working on. Use iWave to learn about the type of companies your alumni are working for and then tailor your ask from there.Afterwards, you can reach out to current students and alumni to sell tickets for these items. The public is more likely to give when they feel as if they’re receiving something in return, so this a great way to finish off funding for your capital campaign.
  • Have a Competition
    Put the fun in fundraising by hosting donation competitions. Divide students and staff into various teams based on department, school year, or major and then ask them to compete to see who can raise the most funds. Make sure there’s an incentive for the winner (consider alumni donations again!) to encourage them to raise as much as possible.

Let our Fundraising Software Empower Your University

Your school has been educating young adults and sculpting their futures for years and you need new ways to continue your mission. If you’re starting a capital campaign to raise money for your next building, consider making iWave a vital part of your strategy.

See for yourself what our fundraising software brings to the table by requesting a demo or a free fundraising assessment. Our team is happy to show you exactly how our platform can meet your specific needs.