2014 Improvements to iWave’s Prospect Research Online (PRO)

Charlottetown, December 8, 2015 – When it comes to prospect research, your needs are our top concern. We listen to your feedback to constantly improve the product so it works the way you need it to, and provides the information you want. In 2014 we made major enhancements, adding millions of records to our data sets, giving you new perspectives on your prospects.

Foundations & Charities – Now you have access to much more, including records on 3.2 Million Board Officers and Trustees. Found under the Foundations & Public Charities tab in PRO, this information reveals key connections and helps illuminate what causes your prospects support and to what degree.

Real Estate – We heard your requests and have added Historical, Transactional Deed Data so you can can be the first to see changes in purchase, sale, and mortgage information for a given property, and see the transactional history going back 10 years (updated weekly); find out which properties have been paid off with Mortgage Release Data (5 million records, updated monthly); and see the “Current” value of a property. Google Maps are now part of the Property Detail, and numerous tweaks for quicker access and ease of use have been implemented.

VeriGift – VeriGift is the fastest growing and most accurate database of charitable gift donations, recipients, and donors. In 2014 we will hit our milestone of 75 million records, and will continue to add an average of 2 million new records per month. With the most recently available records, you can act on the most timely information, gauge wealth capacity and philanthropic inclination, gain insight on biographical history and social involvement, and verify your research all within one easy-to-use online solution.

At iWave we pride ourselves on being responsive. Not only with leading client services, unlimited training, and excellent support, but we take your comments and feedback into account as we grow and expand the product. We are constantly adding new records to our data sets so that you can have access to the newest information before anyone else does, and our Real Estate and Foundations data is updated monthly.

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