Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series

Part 3: The Future of Fundraising: Exploring and Understanding Needs of Fundraisers and Donors

Presented by Paul D'Alessandro

The compensation of fundraisers has been an issue that’s long been a point of tension in the industry. However, with changing norms of equity and fairness, it’s getting much harder for nonprofits that don’t want to pay a living wage and compensate for extra work (e.g., evening or weekend work and urgent deadlines) to continue with business as usual.

Still, the majority of nonprofits operate with small budgets. How could your nonprofit equitably and fairly compensate and incentivize your fundraising team to achieve an impactful investment into capacity-building? Find out how in this webinar by working closely with major donors and institutional funders.

The second topic in this webinar relates to donor intent. This area has always been a tension point in the industry. Legal cases are occurring where donors are demanding that nonprofits adhere strictly to their intentions and wishes. So, who’s leading the programmatic ideas? Donors or program teams? Find out how to protect your nonprofit in negotiating significant gifts.

In the final part of a three-part series, industry leader, Paul D’Alessandro shares his insights so you could respond well to the needs of your fundraisers and donors. These topics and more get explored in Paul’s book, The Future of Fundraising: How Philanthropy’s Future is Here with Donors Dictating the Terms.  

Check out this session to learn:

  • Why equitable and fair compensation in the nonprofit for fundraisers continues to be a top topic of discussion.
  • What your nonprofit could do to ensure that you pay your fundraising team equitably.
  • What’s happening in the minds of major donors and their ideas around donor intent?
  • How nonprofits should ensure that they are practically and legally protected concerning donor intent.


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Part 3: The Future of Fundraising: Exploring and Understanding Needs of Fundraisers and Donors