Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series

Part 2: The Future of Fundraising: A Strategic View of DAFs, Blockchain, Impact Investing

Presented by Paul D'Alessandro

Fundraising opportunities and how major donors, in particular, are giving are evolving. Sure, donor-advised funds and impact investing have been around for a while. However, the increase of technology has only accelerated the move—and loss of control—by fundraisers and nonprofits. Further, blockchain allows donors to give directly to people in need, circumventing nonprofits.

Nonprofit leaders and fundraisers must understand what’s happening at the major donor level and how different opportunities for giving will take money away from nonprofits. Again, blockchain allows for direct donor to recipient transactions. Impact investing means that corporations and for-profit companies can do social good and make a profit and return dividends to investors. And more money than ever continues to go into donor-advised funds out of the hands of nonprofits in need.  

In the second part of a three-part series industry leader, Paul D’Alessandro, shares a birds-eye view of what nonprofits leaders must factor into their strategy. His ideas are expanded more deeply in his book, The Future of Fundraising: How Philanthropy’s Future is Here with Donors Dictating the Terms.  

Watch this session to learn:

  • Why donor-advised funds (DAFs) have become a more significant challenge for the nonprofit industry as trillions sit parked, not making a social impact.
  • What impact investing means for the social good and philanthropic sector and why it could be a threat to the traditional nonprofit industry.
  • What donors are doing with blockchain and how they could circumvent nonprofits to deal directly with those in need of a helping hand.

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Part 2: The Future of Fundraising: A Strategic View of DAFs, Blockchain, Impact Investing