Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series

Part 1: The Future of Fundraising: Key Insights into AI and Donor Privacy

Presented by Paul D'Alessandro

We know that artificial intelligence and technology are disrupting society, including the nonprofit sector. Tech tools exist that could target every donor and household much more precisely, thereby increasing the chances of converting an ask into a gift. However, at a time of incredible abilities, increasingly, the public is coming to understand that nonprofits must do
more to safeguard their personal and sensitive information.

Therefore, the questions every nonprofit leader needs to ask are twofold. First, how could your organization use the power of AI and tech to help ensure your organization obtains the revenue you need for your mission? Second, with more information comes a greater urgency to protect data. What do you need to be aware of from practical and legal perspectives in the changing landscape of donor data and privacy to protect your nonprofit?

The first of a three-part series industry leader, Paul D’Alessandro, will share essential insights from his book, The Future of Fundraising: How Philanthropy’s Future is Here with Donors Dictating the Terms.

Join this can’t-miss webinar to learn:

– A sample of what tech could do for fundraising with AI.
– How to bring technology into your nonprofit.
– The risk to nonprofits that don’t protect donor data from digital hackers.
– Find out the take-aways to expand your fundraising with tech and why you must ensure sensitive donor information.

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Part 1: The Future of Fundraising: Key Insights into AI and Donor Privacy