Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series

Uncommon Years for Giving

Presented by Laura MacDonald

As 2020 drew to a close, we all thought “whew, what a wild ride!” and hoped that giving—and life—would return to “business as usual.” Well, it’s one year later and we’re still dealing with disruptions and uncertainty.
In this session, Laura MacDonald, Chair of the Giving USA Foundation and founder of Benefactor Group, will reflect on changes in philanthropy: whether they are temporary changes in response to uncommon needs; or do they signal permanent shifts to the sources of generosity, the causes that donors care about, and factors that influence both.
Laura will help you—philanthropic leaders, fundraisers, volunteers—learn how to use this information to plan your own fundraising strategy. She will provide a set of tools and tactics to make sense of it all and share stories of how organizations have found ways to thrive.
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Uncommon Years for Giving