All Hands on Deck: Bringing Together a Fundraising Technology Ecosystem
Donor Advised Funds: Research and the Big Picture

In this webinar, our speaker, Jennifer Filla, goes beyond the technical aspects of donor advised funds. She examines the backlash against the use of DAFs, how this has been an object of focus during the current economic turmoil, and what

All Hands on Deck: Bringing Together a Fundraising Technology Ecosystem
Optimizing Portfolios with Modeling and Screening Results

Understanding your constituents’ capacity and likelihood to give has never been more important. Fundraising teams are spread thin, relying on shrinking pools of prospects to carry campaigns over the finish line. However, with the right prospect information and analytics tools,

The Future of Fundraising
The Evolution of the Donor Pyramid: Where Are My Opportunities?

We all know the donor pyramid. At the top are our major donors, managed by gift officers and at the bottom are supporters and unrated donors who are typically managed through mass appeals. To increase revenue from your pyramid, there

The Future of Fundraising
Fundraising Metrics: State of the Industry and Looking Forward

Fundraising metrics are a popular topic. From online forums to conferences to white papers to blog posts, there is no shortage of discussion. Our goal is to organize that data into one, comprehensive picture. This session does not aim to discover

Securing and Enhancing Corporate Partnerships

In this webinar, we will look into how nonprofit organizations approached corporate support pre-COVID-19, how COVID-19 has changed corporate partnerships, and how to adapt your programming and strategies to maintain relationships in a post-pandemic world.

All Hands on Deck: Bringing Together a Fundraising Technology Ecosystem
From Fundraising Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence — How to Accelerate Planned Giving

Planned Giving is not an easy discipline. First, very few have spent the time to analyze what makes a good planned giving prospect. Second, a planned giving officer’s success is directly correlated to the cumulative quality of a relationship that’s

The Future of Fundraising
Optimize Your Grateful Patient Program with Daily Screenings & Artificial Intelligence

A finely tuned grateful patient program can be a boon to fundraising revenue for hospitals and health care institutions. But, as the data tells us, the window is limited to successfully engage and inspire giving from grateful patients. By establishing

All Hands on Deck: Bringing Together a Fundraising Technology Ecosystem
Speed: Qualifying, Disqualifying, and Requalifying Prospects Quickly to Build A Healthy Pipeline

On sheer volume alone, the largest opportunities to grow giving live deeper in the donor pyramid than most organizations want to go — in unassigned, often unrated prospects. What holds them back? Efficiency. In order to qualify these prospects, frontline

Staying on Track: How is Your Organization Adapting to Changes Due to COVID-19?

In the past few months, the way we live and work has faced dramatic changes, and accepting and adapting those changes is the key to moving forward. What is your organization doing to adapt during COVID-19 to ensure progress and

How Technology Keeps You on the Leading Edge of Fundraising in the New Normal

To be on the leading edge of fundraising in 2020, especially in today’s changing world, means having the ability to access the highest quality and most complete data and leveraging a technology ecosystem to streamline and optimize the fundraising process.