Over the month of May, we have been hosting a series of webinars with Robin Thompson that accompany her recent ebook: Power Strategies to Supercharge Fundraising Efforts.

In part three of this webinar series recorded on May 19th, 2021, Lisa Actor who leads the Lowell Observatory development team and also serves as the executive director of the Lowell Observatory Foundation, describes how Lowell Observatory pivoted during the pandemic. She talked about their capital campaign as well as their annual campaign success including how they pivoted their outreach program, created live YouTube streaming programs, and had as many as 2 million viewers for some programs! This kind of programming helped cement member relationships. Their members have doubled their support for their annual fund in the last year.

Since we couldn’t answer all of the questions from attendees in the live webinar, we spoke with Lisa after to ask them over video. Watch the Q&A video below:

You can watch the full webinar recording here: Taking a Fresh Approach to Capital and Annual Campaigns During and After a Pandemic