The Future of Fundraising
How Easterseals Michigan Broke Down Departmental Silos with Salesforce

This year, the nonprofit landscape has been influenced by sudden shifts caused by working from home, massive data breaches and social unrest. If you’re running off of disparate systems, this disconnect can limit your ability to collaborate, innovate, and streamline

The Future of Fundraising
Executing with Intention: Reimagining Events in Today’s World

For many nonprofit organizations, events are not only an important method of raising funds, but also an opportunity to cultivate close donors, identify new prospects, and educate the community in a unique way. Amid current limitations on in-person gatherings, nonprofits

Data Hygiene Before & After Screening
Lessons from a Comprehensive Campaign

Are you in a campaign? Starting to plan your next campaign? Looking to learn more about how campaigns work? Learn from the experiences of those who have served on a campaign’s “front lines” and hear what they wish they had

All Hands on Deck: Bringing Together a Fundraising Technology Ecosystem
Donor Advised Funds: Research and the Big Picture

In this webinar, our speaker, Jennifer Filla, goes beyond the technical aspects of donor advised funds. She examines the backlash against the use of DAFs, how this has been an object of focus during the current economic turmoil, and what

All Hands on Deck: Bringing Together a Fundraising Technology Ecosystem
Are You Prospecting with Blinders?

There is an egregious assumption that Black people are not philanthropic. In fact, the opposite is true. Research continues to prove that African Americans are the most charitable group of people in the country. Yet, our prospect lists and donor

Securing and Enhancing Corporate Partnerships

In this webinar, we will look into how nonprofit organizations approached corporate support pre-COVID-19, how COVID-19 has changed corporate partnerships, and how to adapt your programming and strategies to maintain relationships in a post-pandemic world.

Staying on Track: How is Your Organization Adapting to Changes Due to COVID-19?

In the past few months, the way we live and work has faced dramatic changes, and accepting and adapting those changes is the key to moving forward. What is your organization doing to adapt during COVID-19 to ensure progress and

We Have the Giving USA Data. Now What?

Every year at this time the nonprofit sector receives extensive data describing philanthropy in the US. This year’s report will be no different, but the world is very different. In this session, Laura MacDonald, Vice-Chair of the Giving USA Foundation

Can we see the future by reading the past? Charitable giving during and after recessions

Giving USA has tracked charitable giving in the United States since 1956. From this record, we can learn a great deal about giving during and after recessions. Insights from the past, including tough times in the mid-1970s and from 2008 to

How Nonprofits Leverage Digital Practices

In an increasingly digital world, nonprofits need to look beyond traditional fundraising practices to attract, engage, and retain new donors. To grow your audience, you need to understand it—a goal that can be achieved through skillful social networking and targeted