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Capital Campaign Reference Guide

Learn the in’s and out’s of capital campaigns in this easy-to-consume reference guide. Let the planning begin!

The Bottom Line

Companies are giving back to their communities more than ever before. Is your organization poised to secure major fundraising dollars from corporate sources?

iWave for Teams

All hands on deck! See how different departments and teams can leverage iWave to help ensure nonprofit organizations continue to run smoothly.

Moves Management Cheat Sheet

Learn the ins and outs of moves management with this cheat sheet. From understanding the six steps to moves management to finding out exactly what a solicitation plan is, this cheat sheet will get you up to speed on the exciting topic of moves management.


Wealth Screening Cheat Sheet

Learn the power of wealth screening and how it can help your nonprofit organization raise more major gifts, faster.


Major Gifts from Major Donors

This innovative ebook will introduce you to moves management and how you can take a brand new prospect and guide them on the path to becoming a lifelong major gift donor. 

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