The Top 5 iWave FAQs Answered by the iWave Team

Every day, the iWave team works closely with development professionals from nonprofits of every size and scope. Some are longtime clients, others are looking at prospect research tools for the first time, and still, others are looking to switch from different software and start using iWave. In all these conversations we hear a number of […]

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5 Great Uses of iWave Credits

  Here’s a question: How many iWave credits do you have? Okay, how about this one: Are you using them? We introduced the iWave Score and iWave Screening to make it easier for clients to prioritize and segment major gift prospects. These features are powered by iWave credits. To help you get the most out […]


5 Ways to Customize Your Prospect Screening

Did you know that screening is the most common form of prospect identification conducted these days? As Helen Brown and Jen Filla mention in their book, Prospect Research for Fundraisers, whether you’re starting a campaign, building a professional fundraising program, trying to get to know your database better, or want to get in the habit […]


Predicting the Future With Past Giving

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the best major gift prospect of them all?” Unfortunately, there are no magic tricks or easy shortcuts when it comes to prospect research and fundraising. Sometimes it’s hard enough to find your prospect’s middle name! But what we do have are proven indicators of major gift potential. One of the best […]


What Now? How to Capitalize On Prospect Screening Results

Once you receive your prospect screen results back from a screening vendor, it might be tempting to pass this information to fundraisers for follow-up and instant major gift success. However, we don’t recommend that approach. Inaccurate results and false-positives are some of the reasons why some prospect researchers don’t trust screening.  And really, you shouldn’t […]


10 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Next Prospect Screen

Whether you are a veteran prospect researcher or this is your first time attempting a prospect screen, here are some fast tips for you to think about over your next coffee break. Please note: some of these tips are specific to iWave’s screening solution, PROscreen.    1. Screen early, screen often First of all, remember […]


3 Must-Haves For Your Prospect Screening Solution

Prospect research is a comprehensive analysis of a prospective donor’s potential to contribute to your nonprofit with a major gift.  Wealth screening – or as we like to call it, prospect screening – is just one step of that overall research process.  However, screening is a fundamental strategy that can save time, resources, and help […]


Major Gifts Series Part 1: Defining A Major Gift

With another year almost over, now is a great time to reflect and get back to basics. Here at iWave, our mission is to help nonprofits “raise more major gifts, faster.” But what does that really mean? How do you define a major gift? Major Gifts? Major Problem In a survey of 700 nonprofits in […]


Why Canada Didn’t Have Automated Screening – Until Now

The following is an excerpt from iWave’s new whitepaper: The State of Canadian Wealth Screening & What Lies Ahead.  Read the full story. Automated wealth/prospect screening, or electronic screening, of Canadian based prospects has never been available.  Some companies have offered an alternative version of screening or analytics that is more manual and human-driven, but […]