“When Should I Screen My Donors?” Five Case Studies

In our previous post, we shared some must-have features to look for in your prospect screening solution.  But if you’ve never attempted a screen before, you might be wondering: in what situations does a screen even make sense? Here are five case studies that might help you decide when a screen is right for you. […]


How to Effectively Integrate Social Media & Fundraising

Social media continues to revolutionize how we interact with the world (especially the digital one) and the people around us.  But while many nonprofits integrate social media & their fundraising strategy, few employ the following tactics that give their online presence a boost. First, some fast facts for you.  Social media is the number one reason […]


BUSTED: 4 Prospect Development Myths

Myths, mistruths, fake news…there’s a lot of information out there, but you can’t believe everything you read.  We’re here to dispel of the prospect development myths that persist in the nonprofit world. MYTH: Automation will make prospect researchers obsolete Technology is advancing so fast that headlines, not to mention the average person, can’t keep up. […]


Challenges and Opportunities for Prospect Development in 2017

Guest Post by Lori Hood Lawson As US President Donald Trump proceeds to sign executive orders as I write this, a number of national and international nonprofit organizations either reap the rewards of such directives or run headlong into an unannounced fire drill(s), or a combination of both. What can you do, in your prospect […]


iWave Partners With RelSci

iWave Information Systems, a nonprofit donor research and screening software provider is pleased to announce an enhanced partnership with Relationship Science (“RelSci”).  RelSci is a technology platform that enables institutions to harness the power of their relationships to accelerate business and fundraising development.  The partnership will bring select components of RelSci relationship data into iWave’s […]

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iWave and Thomson Reuters Partner to Help Nonprofits

iWave Information Systems is launching a new, enhanced wealth database within their donor research and screening software, Prospect Research Online (PRO).  The wealth data is provided by Thomson Reuters, a leading and well recognized provider of individual and company wealth and insider transaction information.  The addition of Thomson Reuters will bring iWave clients more donor […]


2016: A Year in Review

  2016 is drawing to a close.  Here at iWave, this past year was one of hard work, change, and unprecedented growth.  We’ve listed a few of the biggest accomplishments from the last year and a glimpse into what you can expect in 2017. iWave Turns 25! Our journey began all the way back in […]


Screening Vs. Analytics

In our last post, we discussed why automated prospect screening hasn’t been available for Canadian prospects until May 2016. “Wait.  Screening?  You’re actually talking about analytics, right?” There is some confusion in the industry about the differences between screening and analytics.  As it turns out, the two processes provide insight on different aspects of the prospect […]

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