Finding New Donors With Political Contributions

Many prospective donors give not only to support various nonprofit organizations, but also to support various elected officials and campaign platforms. Every election cycle, tens of thousands of individuals pledge funds ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to support their candidates. Consider these thoughts from industry consultant Lori Lawson in her previous […]

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Trust As a Service

Last week, iWave hosted Lori Lawson of for an engaging webinar on prospect research ethics.  Lori discussed, among other topics, data transparency and security.  She challenged prospect researchers to remember that “data is people.”  She also encouraged researchers to talk to their software solutions providers to learn about their commitment to transparency and security. Lori discussed the […]


A Major Gift Officer’s Biggest Wish Comes True

Guest Post by Meghan Jamison, Front Range Source As a prospect researcher working for a fundraising consulting firm, I get to work with organizations of all sizes and missions every day. I love the variety and challenge of identifying hidden gems and uncovering potential in databases across the country. Every organization and donor pool is as […]


The Top 5 PRO FAQs Answered by the iWave Team

Every day, the iWave team works closely with development professionals from nonprofits of every size and scope.  Some are longtime clients, others are looking at prospect research tools for the first time, and still others are looking to switch from a different tool and start using Prospect Research Online.  In all these conversations we hear […]


Why Be A Fundraiser?

The goal of fundraising is to build relationships and work with donors to create real change. Guest Post by Michael Nilsen, Association of Fundraising Professionals Philanthropy in Canada Canada has an incredible tradition of philanthropy – giving, volunteering and other activities that support charitable causes.  According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) bi-annual What […]


3 Ways to Boost Your Next Fundraising Campaign

Launching a fundraising campaign or event is complex, busy, expensive, and demands a strong return on investment.  Whether you are a researcher, fundraiser, or development director, here are some strategies you and your team can use to boost your next fundraising campaign. Screen prospects before the campaign begins If you read our recent blog series […]


Double (or Triple) the Donation with Matching Gifts Research

In the case of gifts matching, “double dipping” is an acceptable practice. If you use PRO or any prospect research tool, you have access to millions of wealth, biographic, and philanthropic records to help inform your major gift asks.  But if you’re not using the matching gifts feature in your research tool, you could be […]


What Now? How to Capitalize On Prospect Screening Results

Once you receive your prospect screen results back from a screening vendor, it might be tempting to pass this information to fundraisers for follow-up and instant major gift success.  However, we don’t recommend that approach.  Inaccurate results and false-positives are some of the reasons why some prospect researchers don’t trust screening.   And really, you […]


Preparing Your Donor Prospect Screen Step-By-Step

You have mapped out your screening goals and chosen your screening tool.  What are the next steps when preparing and submitting a donor prospect screen?  These five steps will take you there: Step 1. Clean Up Your Database No matter which screening solution you choose or how advanced technology becomes, the results will always include […]


10 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Next Prospect Screen

Whether you are a veteran prospect researcher or this is your first time attempting a prospect screen, here are some fast tips for you to think about over your next coffee break. Please note: some of these tips are specific to iWave’s screening solution, PROscreen.    1. Screen early, screen often First of all, remember […]

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