5 Ways to Customize Your Prospect Screening

Did you know that screening is the most common form of prospect identification conducted these days? As Helen Brown and Jen Filla mention in their book, Prospect Research for Fundraisers, whether you’re starting a campaign, building a professional fundraising program, trying to get to know your database better, or want to get in the habit […]


10 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Next Prospect Screen

Whether you are a veteran prospect researcher or this is your first time attempting a prospect screen, here are some fast tips for you to think about over your next coffee break. Please note: some of these tips are specific to iWave’s screening solution, PROscreen.    1. Screen early, screen often First of all, remember […]


“When Should I Screen My Donors?” Five Case Studies

In our previous post, we shared some must-have features to look for in your prospect screening solution.  But if you’ve never attempted a screen before, you might be wondering: in what situations does a screen even make sense? Here are five case studies that might help you decide when a screen is right for you. […]


The Three Keys to a Better Major Gift Ask

The following is an excerpt from iWave’s new eBook: The Three Keys to a Better Major Gift Ask.  Read the full story. There are three important ratings that researchers and fundraisers use to segment and prioritize major gift prospects and donors. They are: PROPENSITY: Has this person given to nonprofit causes before? AFFINITY: Is this person passionate […]


The Three Keys Series – CAPACITY: Does Your Prospect “Have” What It Takes to Be a Major Gift Prospect?

The third aspect of The Three Keys series is for some the most important, but for all, probably the most infamous. Trying to determine exactly your prospect’s capacity to give is very difficult. There is usually no definitive answer, but every major gift ask usually depends on it. Defining Capacity You probably already know what […]


‘Tis The Season (For Political Giving Research)

  Guest Post by Lori Hood Lawson, Working Philanthropy As I write this, it’s less than 80 days until Christmas and it’s less than 30 days until this year’s US Presidential Election. Don’t worry – I’m not going to talk about politics but, rather, some interesting news on political giving. This is a completely nonpartisan […]


Capacity Ratings Questions with Jennifer Filla

  Capacity Ratings are a very broad topic and a topic that leads to endless questions. Below are some of the main questions from a previous Webinar with Jenn Filla. The audience who attended this webinar had some great insightful angels for us to dig deeper into.   Capacity Ratings Questions and Answers With Jenn […]


The Three Keys Series – PROPENSITY: Finding Clues in Charitable Giving, Board Affiliations, Volunteering, and More

In the first of our Three Keys Series, we tackle Propensity. Let’s discuss how and why a strong propensity rating indicates your prospect might be your organization’s next major gift donor. What is Propensity? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines propensity as “a strong natural tendency to do something.” Perhaps the key word in Webster’s definition is […]