Brewster Academy is a boarding school in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire that applies an approach to learning that has the exponential power to transform education, communities, and the lives of students in their care. Their mission is to prepare diverse thinkers for lives of purpose. Liz Baker McClain is the Director of Campaign Operations at Brewster Academy and she and her team are dedicated to research, stewardship, and fundraising. “We don’t have a huge program. We are small but mighty,” said Liz, noting that they have about 130 new parents to research every year along with alumni classes having a reunion. 


The Challenge

“We’re a highly-rated boarding school and we have one of the best basketball programs in the country,” said Liz, “so we attract some recognizable family names that are easy to research.” But to learn more about the names that are less familiar, and to get to know their alumni, Liz’s team turns to iWave’s comprehensive suite of premium datasets to help them fundraise with confidence. 

Until a few years ago, the development team at Brewster Academy paid for a consultant to do additional deep dives into their database, especially on mid-level prospects, but when they invested more time into iWave, they realized that they already had the tools they needed to take a closer look at their database themselves. 

The Solution

With a technology-driven approach, the Brewster Academy development team seizes opportunities to leverage tools and tactics to do their jobs to the best of their ability and stay ahead of the curve. They migrated to the new iWave platform earlier in the year. “iWave’s new interface is so user-friendly that our whole team has embraced the platform and its advanced technology,” said Liz, “Instead of reaching out to the sole researcher on our team, our gift officers feel comfortable going into iWave to do their own research on a prospect, or adjust a gift amount, or do a quick gut-check on someone they’re about to meet or connect with.” This all hands on deck mindset paired with iWave at their fingertips empowers the Brewster Academy team to strive for excellence, “iWave has become a normal part of our process” said Liz “it has increased our professionalism and our opportunities for success.” 


“iWave has become a normal part of our process. It has increased our professionalism and our opportunities for success.”



Director of Campaign Operations, Brewster Academy

At a Glance:


Brewster Academy 


Wolfeboro, NH



Key Challenge:

Diving deep into their own database to learn more about mid-level prospects and to get to know alumni who are passionate about their school.  

Key Benefit:

With constructive onboarding and training, the whole Brewster Academy development team uses iWave to empower their fundraising efforts.