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iWave Empowers Consultants to Help their Clients to Reach their Fundraising Potential

iWave has set the gold standard in providing researchers with a multi-purpose tool at an affordable price.”

How iWave Helps You Expand Your Reach As You Pivot Your Fundraising Strategy 

We used iWave to expand our reach and seek out supporters beyond the people who would have attended the live event

“iWave is the Secret Weapon of my Fundraising Toolkit”

“We know that with iWave at our side we’ll be able to prospect for a whole new type of donor as we launch our foundation”

Building a Better Community with iWave’s Targeted Fundraising Intelligence

“Research is so critical to finding new prospects for our diverse subject matter.”

Projoin Network, LLC
Relying on iWave for Confident, Quality Research

“You won’t always know if a profile you built leads to a gift amount. But with iWave, you’re always confident in your work.”

Mark Bowman - Fundraising Consultant
Jumpstarting Fundraising with iWave’s Foundation Data

When working with a new client, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

Making the Right ‘Ask’ With VeriGift’s Charitable Giving Data

“VeriGift has helped our fundraisers deepen relationships with donors and make the right ask.”

Minnesota Historical Society
Achieving Major Fundraising Goals With iWave

The MNHS has exceeded its fiscal fundraising goal and is making excellent progress in a major campaign.

Zoo Sign
Using iWave, Our Fundraising Accuracy Increased from 4% to 70%

“Over 3 years, we went from 0% to 4% to 70% accuracy in our ‘ask’. Our dollars have gone up because we’re talking to the right people.”

Concordia University
Exceeding Fundraising Goals with iWave’s Screening Feature

“I can screen 200 alumni and pinpoint 50 above a certain threshold—that takes half an hour.”

Denison University
How iWave Helps You Get the Most From Your Time and Resources

“iWave is more comprehensive, easier to query, and faster than other sources that we have used.”

University of North Florida
The Key to Getting the Big Picture View of Your Prospect

“iWave is one of the best products – I can give others up, but not iWave. I will fight to keep it.”

International Prospect Research Shapes a Campaign

“iWave gave us the insight into the U.S. market that we needed.”

University of Toronto
The University of Toronto Uses iWave to Reduce Turnaround Time

“A significant volume of our work is focused on reactive requests to support advancement officers.”

Success With iWave Leads to Opening a Brand New Educational Program

“iWave helped to validate relationships and capacity among prospects, allowing their team to move forward.”

Building Fundraising Momentum with the iWave for Integration

“The greatest fundraising challenge they face is maintaining momentum. The team must work together.”

iWave Used to Identify 2,500 Qualified Prospects and Six-Figure Gift

“iWave was my only way of building my list of 2,500 qualified prospects, specifically connected to our mission.”

Giving Increases by 40% Using iWave

“With phone numbers, home values, emails, and the ability to perform wealth screens, they experienced a 40% increase in giving.”