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Fundraising Software for Faith-Based Organizations

Whether you work to feed the homeless or host mission trips in other countries, your faith-based nonprofit is enacting real change. And you need donations to continue your mission. We know you’re busy doing hands-on work in your community, so our next-generation fundraising platform was designed to help make uncovering the best potential donors easier.

iWave Helps Faith-Based Organizations Identify Major Gift Donors

Faith-based organizations have a steady and unwavering presence in the nonprofit sector. You have seen constant philanthropic activity even in times of economic uncertainty and charitable giving fluctuation.

Backed by a dedicated congregation, many faith-based nonprofit organizations have a donor pool of prospects to rely on for regular donations. The challenge they have faced is identifying those devout supporters who could be giving more. Leveraging a tool like iWave allows them to operate smarter and more effectively, making targeted gift asks with expert precision.

Even when you’re working hands on at a local shelter or heading off to a meeting with a potential new donor, you’ll be able to access iWave’s fundraising software. Our platform is mobile optimized so you can take your research on the go. You’ll have our next-generation fundraising software right in the palm of your hand, anywhere and at any time.

Find the Right Donors for Your Cause

Perform Wealth Screenings

Our wealth screenings analyze billions of data points fast so you can get a better idea of who has the greatest propensity to support your cause quickly. Our fundraising software works to uncover those with the greatest ability to give as well as who has a history of charitable giving—making them more likely to support you. Our fundraising platform shows you how much to ask for, too, so you can go into an ask with confidence.

Sort and Segment Community Members

Looking for new volunteers, one-time gift donors, or long-time contributors? Our fundraising software can be used in a variety of ways to help empower your faith-based organization. Our new and improved platform is now easier to use than ever and works efficiently, so you can find exactly who you’re searching for.

Discover Foundations and Grants

iWave’s platform can also be utilized to help you find other like-minded organizations and programs in your area. You’ll then be able to partner with them to enact greater change. By finding foundations with a similar mission to yours, you may be able to tap into additional grants and funding to maximize donations for your cause.