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A Fundraising Platform for Schools

After school programs, higher education, and private institutions can empower people of all ages, helping effect lasting change in their communities. At iWave, we want to ensure your school has the funding it needs to flourish.

Through our fundraising software, you’ll get the tools you need to confidently ask for donations from the right people—including alumni. How does it all work? Let’s find out!

iWave Helps Advancement Teams Make More Targeted Major Gift Asks

For advancement teams at private schools and higher education institutions to continue funding vital programs, donations and endowments are needed. Alumni are often the main donor pool for these organizations, but there may be other underutilized major donors available to you.

Our platform scans through billions of datapoints to provide you with an organized list of the right donors. From propensity to give to history of charitable giving, we’ll show you a complete picture so you can save time researching and spend more time empowering your community and students.

Find The Best Donors For Your School

Perform Wealth Screenings

Wealth screenings are a key tool for understanding the best person or group to ask for funding. We analyze a multitude of datasets to create a clear profile of who can support your school’s mission as well as who has supported similar organizations in the past.

Create an Organized Alumni List

Alumni donations are  a viable source of funding, and with iWave, you can uncover the alumnus with the best inclination to give. Our platform can create an organized list of potential donors from most likely to least likely to give, helping you prioritize who to ask first.

Through our software, you’ll also be able to see what current or former students come from affluent backgrounds. You’ll then be able to confidently ask a parent to support your cause.

Stay Informed

We know how precious your time is to you—running an educational institution is hard work! Our software will also show you how much to ask for, so you can maximize your gifts.