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iWave Helps Community-Centric Organizations Identify New Prospects

Community foundations have an amazing opportunity to bring donors together in order to benefit the entire community. This mission is the sweet spot for fundraising intelligence. Community foundations often have a small database, without the luxury of pre-established donor pools of alumni, patients, or ticket buyers. Whether they need major gift donors for an upcoming capital campaign, they’re looking for volunteers within their community, or they need to learn more about the philanthropic interests of wealthy individuals, fundraising intelligence will help. Leveraging iWave’s wealth, biographical, and philanthropic data empowers community-based organizations fundraise efficiently and effectively for the betterment of their community.

Using iWave, community foundations can:

  • Identify new prospects based on past charitable giving, geography, and interests to reduce reliance on referrals.
  • Perform wealth screenings on event volunteers, one-time donors, or long-time supporters to understand capacity and ensure you’re making the right gift ask.
  • Create detailed prospect profiles to help board members and other leadership get to know prospects before donor meetings.
  • Understand the past charitable giving history and giving interests of prospective donors.
  • Find wealthy individuals who are connected to board members using relationship mapping.