You Say You Want a Revolution…

Recorded on: February 23, 2023

In this follow up to “Ain’t I a Prospect?,” Regina Alhassan continues to explore ways equity and inclusion play out in our prospect development operations and our organizations as a whole. Inspired by The Beatles’ 1968 hit, “Revolution,” during this thought-provoking session Regina continues to hold a mirror up to the ways we exclude donors and prospects while also delivering actionable solutions to advance DEI and, ultimately, create space for authentic relationships with those we serve and those who support our work.

CEO of ResearchPRO, Regina Alhassan enjoys helping non-profit leaders reach their highest goals. With total dollars identified in the billions, her work as a prospect development legend continues to fuel multi-million-dollar charitable giving campaigns across the United States. With a history of industry leadership spanning two decades, Regina is a current Faculty member for Apra Fundamentals; an award-winning artist; writer; philanthropist; and TEDx Speaker.