Using Integrations to Uncover Powerful Donor Data - iWave and StratusLIVE

Recorded on: April 13, 2022

Your donor data is the most important part of your donor identification and outreach. It is crucial to maximize your data and uncover new information pertaining to your donors to ultimately raise more gifts.

iWave and StratusLIVE’s powerful integration allows you to enrich your internal StratusLIVE data using iWave. iWave’s suite of wealth and philanthropic data and insights enables nonprofit organizations to uncover donors with the greatest capacity, affinity and inclination to donate to your organization. Many clients are having great success leveraging the integration, and their successes demonstrate how you too can use StratusLIVE and iWave to maximize your fundraising efforts to reach your goals. 

Join iWave’s Senior Product Manager, Sebastian Belu, and StratusLIVE’s Joel Parker, as they share how you can uncover and leverage more donor data. They will also do a demonstration of the integration so you can see it in action!

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