Specific Actions to Start Growing Women's Philanthropy Part 2: Women Influencers will Accelerate Your Goals

Recorded on: June 15, 2021

Our two part series on women’s philanthropy is designed to provide early, meaningful actions you can take to begin growing women’s philanthropy for your cause. Many fundraising shifts and cultural adaptations are required to truly connect with women as they prefer and achieve significant sustained support. However, every long path start with a step, so here are two practical, short webinars to help you start.

Part 2: The best predictor of a successful women’s philanthropy initiative is whether you have gained the commitment of women influencers. How do you reach and gain the buy-in of these key volunteers and donors? What is possible when you convene women volunteer leaders who want to help you grow support from women? This session will cover identifying your influencers, inviting them to participate and case studies of successes that resulted from the women’s bold thinking and their networks.

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