Power and Privilege in Fundraising

Recorded on: January 21, 2021

Privilege is a loaded word, especially when it comes to securing and stewarding major gifts from companies and individuals. Donor relationships are rife with power dynamics that almost always put the fundraiser in a position of weakness. Working from this place of weakness will mean that you cannot show up fully; thus you won’t be as effective as you could be.

How can we authentically understand and use privilege in relationship building with donors and your own organization? Instead of shying away from it, let’s reflect on and learn how to work with our own areas of privilege and disempowerment to be more authentic and effective.

If you come with an open mind and heart, this workshop will help you build more resilience and power in yourself. You’ll walk away with practical and tactical strategies to harness your power as a badass fundraiser in navigating and building relationships with donors, volunteers, board members, and colleagues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn what it means to do philanthropic work with an anti-oppression lens, acknowledging and working through questions of power and privilege.
  • Understand the concepts of privilege and power dynamics, and learn how to spot them in relationships.
  • Investigate your own biases, privileges, and disempowerment as it relates to your professional life.
  • Develop personal strategies to show up more authentically and effectively in your work in philanthropy – with donors, volunteers, board members, and colleagues.