Optimizing Online Fundraising Using Data Analytics

Upcoming on: June 9, 2022
at 1:00 pm EST

Online fundraising is the lifeline for many National and International organizations.  The old school method of creating a campaign for the masses is a thing of the past.  Big Data is the buzz.  This session will discuss a strategic approach to online fundraising which applies statistical market segmentation techniques to optimize donor giving levels.

When working with an organization, Marsha Sussman used iWave to analyze over 75 internal and external variables for each prospect for a holistic view of both the donor characteristics and the relationship with the fundraising organization.  Data science gives meaningful, accurate and insightful information to guide the campaign structure.  This session will use a case study of Sheba Medical Center, US News Top 10 Hospitals in the world,  to demonstrate the significant impact of segmentation to maximize giving during the online Ukraine Emergency Campaign.   Applying iWave and other analytical tools in the campaign planning stage, during the direct response campaign and to post analysis has a significant upon the bottom line.

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