Making the Last Mile of an Annual Donor's Experience Magic

Recorded on: January 10, 2023

Annual Giving Directors know that capturing the attention and emotions of any donor segment comes with its own unique set of challenges. That’s why we invest in Fundraising Intelligence tools that help us understand prospects, donors, and supporters better. But even when we nail a campaign, the act of receiving a gift often comes down to the very last mile of the process: the donor experience.

Givzey and iWave have partnered to focus on this very last mile by combining flexible giving solutions with fundraising intelligence. That’s where Givzey’s patent-pending PHILO Score comes in to customize giving asks to each individual donor, based on Fundraising Intelligence.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
– The difference between fundraising data and Fundraising Intelligence
– How to restructure the way you look at potential donors through three distinct lenses
– How Give Now, Pay Later revolutionizes the last mile of the donor experience
– How the patent-pending PHILO Score taps into data sources to find increased giving opportunities for your Annual Giving campaigns

Presenter: Adam Martel
Bio: Adam Martel is Founder and CEO of Givzey, the first Give Now, Pay Later and flexible giving solution for nonprofit fundraising. Adam is also known as the founder and former CEO of Gravyty, the fundraiser enablement solution that first introduced AI to the nonprofit sector. Through his experience as a fundraiser and a founder, Adam has developed a keen eye for taking cutting-edge technologies and reengineering them to solve challenges within fundraising.

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