Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Incorporating Ethics and Due Diligence into Your Research

Recorded on: October 21, 2021

Ethics and due diligence are more important than ever in prospect research. The Sackler and Epstein scandals of the past few years are bringing ethics and risk management to the forefront. As donors and their gifts come from an ever-wider net, how is your team (and leadership) keeping potential risks in mind? In this webinar we will discuss potential pitfalls of due diligence, how to adhere to APRA’s Code of Ethics (no matter how small or large your shop is) and what to do if you come across some risky business (including examples in our own work).  We will clarify the key differences between prospect research and due diligence research and give some tips and tricks to go about it in an efficient and ethical way.

After this session you will:

  • feel empowered to draft a due diligence policy for their organization (or to encourage others to do so)
  • have greater knowledge of the best resources to complete this work
  • understand the differences between prospect research and due diligence research
  • understand the ethics needed and risks involved with completing due diligence work

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