Fundraising In Today’s Economy: What it Means for Philanthropy and What You Can Do About It

Recorded on: November 17, 2022

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There’s an old joke, loosely attributed to Winston Churchill, that goes “What happens when you put 10 economists in a room? You get 11 opinions.” Well, it’s no joke that today’s economy is on everyone’s mind and there’s a whole lot of advice out there about what it means for fundraising. Should you ask people to give when they’re struggling to keep up with rising prices? Will there actually be a recession – or are we already in one? How do the mid-term elections affect the economy and fundraising? And let’s not forget we’re still wrestling with all the challenges of the pandemic . . . . but what does all of this mean for fundraisers, prospect development professionals, and the nonprofit sector in general?

Watch colleagues from Endowment Partners as they break down what’s going on with the economy, what we can expect before year-end, and how fundraisers and prospect development can move forward in confidence and still reach the goals in front of them.

Endowment Partners is an investment management firm based in Las Vegas, NV that specializes in, and solely focuses on, all aspects of investment management for nonprofits, foundations, and endowments across the country. Nonprofit clients like community foundations, human services organizations, colleges, performing arts organizations, religious organizations, and other 501(c) organizations trust Endowment Partners to provide multiple layers of financial sustainability strategy.

Our guests on this webinar are Becky MacDonald, Diane Booth, and Cherian Koshy. Their insights and experience will help break through any myths or concerns about the economy, help you understand what’s going on in the world and with your donors, and come away with information you can put to use right away as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of year-end fundraising.

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