Finding the Missing Piece in Your Fundraising and Donor Research

Recorded on: May 18, 2022

This webinar is eligible for 1 CFRE Point.

What do your strategic plan, case for support, donor database and fundraising plan all have to do with each other? No this isn’t the start to some bad fundraising joke.

These four things are essential documents in your fundraising ecosystem. Often in fundraising we are looking for that silver bullet, that one thing that is missing, but more often than not the real secret is how to get each of these critical documents to inform and support our fundraising efforts.

By having a really clear understanding how your strategic plan is the basis of your case for support, your fundraising plan must fund your strategic objectives and you can build a complete fundraising ecosystem that informs where in your donor database to look (research) for donors and where you need to look outside your donor database for new opportunities.

During this session Daniel Hussey will share how to get each one of these essential documents aligned to build a complete fundraising ecosystem and how this alignment will create clearer donor research objectives.

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