Deepening Donor Relations Beyond Social Media

Recorded on: June 1, 2022

This webinar is eligible for 1 CFRE Point.

Are you seeking ways to deepen donor relations in the digital age? Moreover, are you looking to do it in ways that don’t always give the power to social media giants who seem to want to monetize profits over data ownership? In this special webinar brought to you by iWave, you’ll hear how to deepen relationships in the digital world and shift toward a more ethical and meaningful approach with donors.

Expert nonprofit fundraising expert and coach Paul D’Alessandro of High Impact Nonprofit Advisors and Amy Van Es of Memo joined the team at iWave for a significant discussion. Watch the recording to discover:

  • Why it’s vital to have meaningful relationships with donors.
  • Why organizations should shift away from social media and build their own communities.
  • Consent led fundraising in the digital age.
  • Tips for growing your database outside of social media.
  • Ideas for developing relationships off social media.

Watch this can’t-miss webinar recording! Get essential takeaways necessary for nonprofits in the digital era.