Building Blocks of Effective Fundraising Session Three: Identifying Probable Major Gift Donors

Recorded on: July 14, 2021

BuildingBlox Consulting believes successful major gift fundraising rests on three fundamental building blocks: a clear, concise and compelling case for giving to share with prospective donors, an enthusiastic leadership willing to take on fundraising responsibilities, and a qualified pool of probable major donors with the capacity and inclination to support your organization. Join BuildingBlox Consulting in this three-part series coupling theory with useful tools that enable you to apply what you’ve learned and make an immediate impact on your organization.

We know how hard it can be to meet the generous, big donors who will sustain your organization for years to come. Maybe you don’t know them yet, or the path to them isn’t clear, or you just don’t know how to engage them once you’ve found them. BuildingBlox Consulting and iWave will show you systematic, easy-to-use methods to identify the biggest and most likely donors to your organization.