Watch and learn about product updates, best practices, and hear from fellow researchers, consultants, and industry thought leaders.

iWave for Salesforce: What’s New and What You Need to Know

Check out this webinar where we dive into the updated iWave for Salesforce app! The webinar also includes a detailed demo of our app within Salesforce.



Recruiting The Best Board Members 

This webinar will guide you through the most impactful techniques to develop your Board into the leadership body your organization needs to be successful.



3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising Ask

Learn how to use research to gain a comprehensive understanding of a prospective donor.



3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising

Learn how to go beyond wealth to understand the propensity and affinity of your prospective donors.



Serious Business: Digital Strategies To Boost Corporate Donations

Join iWave and Frontstream to see how corporate support of your nonprofit organization can go so far beyond making a pitch and getting a check!



Using Events to Identify High Network Donors

Join iWave and special guest, Winspire, as we explore how to use fundraising events as a way to identify and qualify high-net-worth individuals as prospective donors.



Diamonds In The Rough

Join members of the iWave team as we discuss how to learn more about prospects and donors already “living” in your database. See how key iWave features can help you develop a better understanding of your donors.



5 Prospect Lists You Can Build In 5 Minutes

Join members of the iWave team as we discuss how to build prospect identification lists based on a number of wealth, biographical, or philanthropic criteria. You will also learn how to build prospect lists in real-time in iWave’s PRO.



Screening as Strategy, Not Just Prospecting

Wealth Screening is a tool used to help uncover the potential of constituents. Join thought leaders from BWF and iWave as they share strategies to get more wealth screening appends, and leverage this data into actionable and transformational intelligence, regardless of your organization’s size or mission.


Conversation Starters

In this day and age, nonprofit donors expect fundraisers to have done their homework on their philanthropic interests. But that can’t happen without the skills and experience of prospect research professionals. Join iWave’s Ryan McCarvill and Paul D’Alessandro, Founder and Chairman of D’Alessandro Inc, for a lively conversation about how to efficiently identify, score, and recommend only the best major gift prospects to your fundraising team.


Prospecting WIth Politics

It’s no coincidence that the word “campaign contribution” applies to both non-profit fundraising and political donations. Political giving to either a political candidate or political action committee indicates an individual’s capacity for charitable giving. This webinar will show you how to find new prospects for your organization with the iWave Political Giving search.