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Data, Donors & Doctors 

Healthcare philanthropy is growing.  But there is increasing competition between organizations for donors and funding.  iWave’s latest eBook presents challenges and opportunities in healthcare philanthropy, such as daily patient screening.



The Power of Past Giving

Past giving predicts future giving. The traditional approach to prospect research has been to focus on individuals who are simply “wealthy”. But if you are not also factoring in giving history, you are missing out on some great opportunities



3 Keys to a Better Major Gift AskPAC-eBook-260x260 (1)

Read this eBook to learn about prospect ratings and how to use them to attract more major gifts:
Propensity (giving history), Affinity (connection to a cause), and Capacity (amount of wealth available to donate).



resources prospect research with a purpose

Prospect Research With a Purpose:
A Guide To Raising More Major Gifts Faster

After finishing this eBook, you will have a better grasp on five key research strategies that can help your fundraising team better identify who to ask, when to ask, and how much to ask for.