What Google Autocomplete Says About Nonprofits

We’ve all seen those Google autocomplete videos. If you haven’t, where have you been? Just kidding. Seriously, you should watch these!

Now that I’ve taken you down the deep dark rabbit hole of “videos on the internet”, you may be thinking, “what does this have to do with me?”. I’m glad you asked.

People Google Everything

These videos are all about finding out what the world asks Google. They are funny, and many times provide surprising look at what people want to know about you. Now, you may be thinking, who would want to Google me? I’m not suggesting they do. But, they may be Googling your nonprofit. Or the nonprofit and fundraising world in general.

Before jumping into the nonprofit world myself, I had no clue there were people who were full-time fundraisers, let alone full-time prospect researchers! Can you guess what I did when I started my nonprofit journey? I googled everything. And I found that people really care about nonprofits, research, and fundraising. And they are ask a lot of questions.

Why Is Fundraising So Hard

I wasn’t surprised at this one. If you’re a fundraiser, you know this already. It’s hard, but at the end of the day, you know it is important.

A big reason fundraising has been so difficult in the past is because of a lack of access to accurate information. Trying to raise money for your cause among 1.5 million other nonprofits in the USA and 86,000 in Canada can often seem like an insurmountable task.

Here’s where technology steps in. With a tool like iWave, conducting verifiable donor research is the only way to improve your fundraising game. With it, you can make research a part of your strategy.

If you’re new to prospect research, or feel like you aren’t getting enough value out of your tool, we can help! You can find helpful tips, tricks, and how-tos on our blog and through the resources section on our website. We’ve even got a Prospect Research cheat sheet here.

Why Does Research Take So Long

Have you ever Googled something, and been so overwhelmed with the results, you forget why you asked the question in the first place? Information online is vast, and often unverifiable.

You’re not the only person who finds it hard to navigate information online. Finding relevant contacts in a sea of unreliable information (the internet) is one of the toughest jobs for a researcher.

One of our clients says that by using iWave, they were able to save countless hours by finding meaningful contacts at the click of a button. Prospect research does take time. But it’s made easier with tools like iWave.

Why Does Research Matter

We research to solve problems. It’s the way we learn, evolve, and adapt. In the nonprofit space, research gives a deep understanding of philanthropy. Who is giving? Why are they giving? When and how are they giving? If nonprofits can start to answer these questions, they can be better prepared to make sustainable decisions.

Why Are Nonprofits So Disorganized

Nonprofits sometimes get a bad rap for being disorganized. Though, this criticism seems to ring true of many industries. Can you name a government agency or for-profit business that is completely organized? Probably not.

The truth is, disorganization often comes from being overwhelmed, overworked, and understaffed. This is far too common in the nonprofit space. But there is good news. The nonprofit space is full of people who are willing to help. There are tools to help you organize and educational blogs to read.

Don’t forget about the people who have gone before you or those who are in the industry right now! Twitter and other social media platforms provide incredible networking opportunities. You never know, maybe you’ll be able to solve your organization woes and make a few friends along the way!

Why Are Nonprofits Important To The Economy

Nonprofits are employers. They are change-makers and doers. They are key contributors to the economy. Many nonprofits are supporters of for-profit businesses. It’s the game of life – private and public sectors working together.

Why Are Nonprofits Needed

Communities are built on the foundations of nonprofit, healthcare, and education organizations across North America. Nonprofits encourage community involvement. They inspire change. If you have ever asked for help for yourself or for a friend, you know the value in organizations whose mandate is to help, uplift, and grow.

Now we’d like to know. What questions are you asking?


About the author: Liz Corney is iWave’s Content Marketing Manager. She has a degree in Journalism, is a fiercely positive team-player and a creative self-starter. She has experience working in software technology, video/mobile games, learning & development, social & traditional media, and communications. Liz is also the co-founder of a local nonprofit organization working to better the lives of homeless women in her community.

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