Webinar Q&A: Rocket Past Your Fundraising Goals with iWave’s New Planned Giving Analytics

In August 2021, iWave announced the release of their highly anticipated Planned Giving Scores and Analytics. This is an all-new technology that helps fundraising professionals identify planned giving prospects and cultivate relationships. With giving by bequest reaching an all-time high of $41.91 billion in 2020 (Giving USA, 2021), there has never been a better time for nonprofit organizations to examine their donor base and expand their opportunities by investing in planned giving.

We hosted a webinar to dive into this brand new feature – check out a sneak peak below.

You can also watch the full webinar recording here.

Here are some of the questions our audience asked during the webinar:

Q. How are iWave’s Planned Giving scores different from what your competitors offer?

A: iWave uses eight qualifying criteria (vs. the industry norm of two) to rank a prospect’s planned giving potential from 1 to a maximum of 4. The use of robust data, such as affinity for your cause, produces more comprehensive and accurate results, and uncovers prospects that would have previously been left unidentified.

Q. What are the primary indicators that you use to determine if someone is a good prospect?

A: Some of the indicators include affinity, donation history, and real estate data. We developed robust algorithms based on external and internal data to identify ideal planned giving prospects.

Q. How can I unlock Planned Giving analytics?

A: You will need to provide recency and frequency data directly in a profile, or via a screening template.

Q. We find that event attendance correlates with PG inclination. Is there a way you can build into the algorithm the number of events a constituent has attended?

A: We will continue to work on enhancing the current model and one of the considerations is the inclusion of volunteering and event attendance data.

Q. When will Planned Giving Scores be available in the SalesForce integration?

A: Planned Giving Scores will be available in Salesforce by early October.

Q. What is the cost of Planned Giving Scores?

A: Planned Giving Scores are included in Professional and Premium subscriptions at no extra cost.


If you would like to learn more about this feature, please contact your Client Success manager, or book a personalized demo to learn more today.

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