Webinar Q&A: iWave Connections

We launched our newest feature, iWave Connections this fall. iWave Connections enable nonprofits to use their donors’ networks to uncover more prospects and raise more donations. With iWave Connections you can:

  • Uncover high-profile connections to your donors
  • Explore neighbors
  • Add your own connections
  • Generate a new prospect pool

We had many great questions roll in during our live webinar. Kristin Daye, Director of Product Management and Sebastian Belu, Product Marketing Manager have provided answers! See below.

Q: Do you have to have an address included for Connections to work?
A. Yes, you have to have a zip code and a street address, but the more information you provide, the better your connections results will be.

Q: How do you handle condos, apartments, etc?
A. We’re currently using the long zip to zero-in on connections associated with condos or apartments, but as with other features, we’re always looking for enhancements and ways to improve it. This will be something that will be constantly reviewed and logic will be enhanced in the future.

Q: Can we discover board connections for Canadian constituents?
A. Yes… we get Foundation information from CRA and use that to develop our Board Connections. We also have information on Canadian Companies and Foundations in Zoom and Thomson Reuters

Q: Is there a maximum number of connections that display?
A. Technically, it is unlimited. For Neighbor Connections we do place a cap of 50. We realize that it is likely that most people do not know 50 of their neighbors. We will continue to improve how we match and present Neighbor Connections, especially when it comes to apartments and condos.

Q: What are the priorities and timing for upcoming enhancements?
A. From Q2 and onwards, we will continue to work on expanding the data points available on connections and focus on enhancing intelligence related to business relationships.

Q: Can I export custom connections?
A. Yes, we released this feature on February 10.

Q: Can I find connections data in existing profiles?
A. Yes, but you have to make sure you refresh or re-score a profile. Profiles created before January 13 need to be refreshed to have the connections appear. To complete a refresh, see support article here.

Q: Is this feature only in the profiles view?
A. Yes, Connections are only available as part of our Intelligent Profiles.

Q: Is there a way to generate a report or list of all my profiles that have a certain number of connections, or connections meeting certain criteria? Or would we have to look through profiles one by one to find exciting looking prospects connected to our profiles?
A. In the Profiles Grid and in a Screening Project, there is a column called Connections Count that can be added to the view. This will show the total number of connections that prospect has.

Q: Can you refresh the score for a screening project, or is it one by one?
A. You cannot refresh a score for a screening project. You would have to create a profile first.

Q: Does this work in Canada?
A. For Board Member Connections we use Foundation information from CRA. We also have information on Canadian Companies and Foundations in Zoom and Thomson Reuters. At this time we do not have a data source for Canadian properties to allow for Neighbor Connections for Canadian residences.

Q: What criteria are used to determine who is a “neighbor”?
A. Neighbor results are based on the zip code and street name that are available in the General tab of a profile. Neighbors are based on the address provided in the Screening Project, Get Score or Generate Profile for a prospect. Location data is then used to find names of other individuals who live nearby.

Q: What is your definition of “neighbors”?
A. Neighbors are individuals who live in close proximity to your constituent. We use a matching logic which includes a short zip code and owner street name, and limit the results to a maximum of 50 matches.

Q: Do connections include renters?”
A. At this time, Connections does not utilize renter data.

Q: For Board Connections does it take into account when the prospect served on the board in making reliable connections?
A. Board Connections that are sourced from Guidestar and CRA use the year to determine who served on a board at the same time as a prospect.

Q: Can you add a second address (example: for a Florida address for those who live in Minnesota)?
A. Currently, we only consider a primary address.

Q: Can the Export Connections csv output be customized to contain unique screening ID’s or external ID’s?
A. There is no customization available at this time for the Connections Exports. Feedback has been documented to include this ability, especially Unique Screening ID’s.

Watch the webinar here!

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