The Top 7 Nonprofit Blogs – in Celebration of “the Year of the Blog”

Nonprofit hub has declared 2014 as the year of the blog – and I for one am totally on board. 2014 also marks the year I transition from blog enthusiast and occasional guest-author to full-time blogger. To mark the occasion I’m taking a look back (in no particular order) on my favorite nonprofit blogs of 2013.

Drum roll please …

  1. NPT Blog

Nonprofit Times Screenshot

Your online newspaper for all things nonprofit, The NonProfit Times will keep you up-to-date on industry news, business information, and original research.

Why it made the list: For the more business-minded folks this is all the news that’s fit to print.

  1. CoolData blog

CoolData Blog Screenshot

Kevin MacDonell is the co-author of the currently sold-out book “Score!”, and has spent over a decade promoting the use of data mining and predictive modeling for advancement. This blog is a collection of the interesting things he’s learned along the way.

Why it made the list: I’m a data geek, you’re a data geek, and this is the place for the tips, shortcuts, discussions, and ideas data geeks will love.

  1. The Marketing Gurus

    (had to cheat a little here to keep this a Top 7 list)

    Marketing Gurus Screenshot


  • Beth’s Blog

    With one of the most popular blogs in the industry, Beth has over 30 years experience in many aspects of the nonprofit sector, which is why her fun and informative blog is relevant to all areas of philanthropy beyond her rockstar social media rep.

  • John Haydon

    A leading expert in the marketing world and the author of “Facebook marketing for Dummies”. John believes we can “change the world with smarter marketing” – and so do I.

  • NonProfit Marketing Blog

    Formerly known as Katya’s Non-profit Marketing Blog, Katya is now joined by the rest of the nonprofit marketing and advisory teams at Network for Good to bring you the best in nonprofit marketing trends, fundraising techniques, technology developments, and inspiring nonprofit examples.

Why they made the list: Whether you’re looking for general inspiration or a step-by-step guide from marketing experts, these blogs have got you covered.

  1. Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator Screenshot

Not only is Charity Navigator the best-known ratings index for nonprofits, but their blog provides relevant industry stats and news stories.

Why it made the list: If you want to keep tabs on the perception of your organization and the state of the nonprofit industry in general, this is your blog.

  1. Chronicle of Philanthropy Blogs

Chronical of Philanthropy Screenshot

With multiple topics and contributors you’ll not only stay on top of industry news, but also get advice on implementing the latest techniques at your shop.

Why it made the list: With the opportunity to pick and choose which topics are most relevant to your needs or follow all ten, these blogs have something for everyone.

  1. The Industry Insiders

Industry Insiders Screenshot

  • The Intelligent Edge by Helen Brown

    Helen has over 25 years of experience as a development professional. Her blog covers trending topics in the nonprofit sector with thought provoking posts that will challenge even the most seasoned professionals.

  • Jennifer Filla

    Deeply committed to advancing philanthropy and the fundraising profession, Jen not only covers insider secrets and tips, but also tackles the most pressing industry issues from an open and informed point of view.

  • Fundraising Compass

    Managed by experienced nonprofit professional Gil Israeli, this blog recruits contributors from all areas of the nonprofit arena offering readers great variation in opinion and voice from which to explore industry issues, methods, and news.

  1. Fundraiser Grrrl

Fundraiser Girl Screenshot

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name – this is not that place. BUT with the approach that “non-profit shouldn’t be non-fun” this hilarious take on the daily frustrations of nonprofit professionals will remind you that you’re not alone in the struggle.

Why it made the list: Because sometimes you just need to throw your head back and laugh until one of your coworkers gives you a dirty look.

In the future I hope that this blog will make your must-read list but for now what are your go-to blogs?

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