A letter to our Prospect Research Peeps During Prospect Research Pride Month

Prospect Research Pride

As many of you may know, it’s Prospect Research Pride Month. This is a special celebration dedicated to creating awareness for an industry that empowers nonprofit organizations to fundraise smarter. If you’re not familiar with prospect research, it’s the identification and analysis of prospective donors (individuals, companies, and trusts) to learn their potential to give to a nonprofit’s cause.

Why is Prospect Research Necessary?

In a time where there is so much focus on overhead, accountability, and transparency in philanthropy, the prospect research profession enables nonprofits to more quickly find and connect with those donors who will help them raise more money for their cause. Helen Brown, President of the Helen Brown Group and a long-time prospect researcher, describes this work in her blog. “We as a profession are fundamentally against nonprofits wasting time and money bothering people who have no interest in or money to support our organizations. Our presence signals our organization’s intention to efficiently and intelligently use limited resources in good stewardship of past donor support.”

Why We’re Thankful

As iWave celebrates our 25th anniversary, Prospect Research Pride Month carries even greater meaning. iWave’s Prospect Research Online (PRO) wouldn’t be where it is today without its dedicated user base and their tremendous feedback. Our product is built upon a foundation of ideas and suggestions from researchers who are passionate about their profession and know their field best.

We are proud to be a part of an industry that shows such enormous commitment to their work and the causes they support. Many researchers dedicate endless hours to industry advancement by volunteering at numerous ARPA International and district events, and collaborating with their peers to share learning and advance their profession. We not only support you throughout this month-long celebration, but we thank you for your continued support and your passion for such an important industry.  #ResearchPride

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About the author: Jill McCarville is iWave’s VP of Marketing.  Jill joined iWave in 2015 to lead the marketing and communication efforts. Prior to joining iWave Jill worked as a Director at an Innovation and Marketing consulting firm where she led new product ideation sessions, created campaigns, completed market research, and helped clients from Fortune 500’s to small businesses accelerate new products to market.

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