PROscore is Here and it’s Worth the Wait!

iWave’s Prospect Research Online, or PRO went through a complete platform transformation almost two years ago and now, it just got even better!  Introducing PROscore, the smarter prospect scoring system.

PROscore is a number that is assigned to an individual to indicate their potential to give to your education, healthcare, or nonprofit organization.  This score will give PRO users deeper insight into their prospect’s propensity, affinity, and capacity to give.  What is even better though, with PROscore the user can customize the weight given to each of the score ratings, so they have greater confidence that the score is aligned with what is important to them in their research and fundraising.

PROscore CardThe 3 main ratings that are used to build a PROscore are:
  1. Propensity, or inclination, rating – This rating looks at a prospect’s inclination to give their time or money to philanthropic causes in general.
  2. Affinity, or linkage, rating – This takes propensity one step further to determine if the prospect is interested in your specific cause or project.
  3. Capacity rating – This looks into the prospect’s wealth to determine their actual ability, or capacity, to give financially.

While the PROscore acts as a great indicator of an individual’s potential as a prospect, industry professionals know that prospect ratings aren’t perfect, and never will be.  A PROscore is only as good as the data available within PRO, and the data available within PRO depends on what prospect information is publicly available.

“PROscore would not have been possible without the feedback and support from our clients, partners, and dedicated staff,” said Gerry Lawless, President & CEO of iWave. “To them, I say a big thank you.”  The introduction of PROscore signifies the start of a series of innovations that will make iWave’s PRO the must have solution for smarter prospect research.  So stay tuned, there are many more great things to come!

For more information, watch this short video introducing PROscore.

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Jill McCarville
Marketing & Communications Manager
iWave Information Systems



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