iWave Announces a New Integration With DonorPerfect

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE, Sept. 16, 2021 /CNW/ – iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence platform, announced today that it has launched a new integration with DonorPerfect, a donor management system (DMS) that enables nonprofit professionals to automate daily tasks, work more effectively as a team, and build meaningful relationships in their donor community.

DonorPerfect users can now enrich their internal data with iWave’s billions of wealth and philanthropic records. These insights help fundraising professionals learn more about their prospective donor’s capacity and inclination to give to a cause, and focus time and effort on top gift prospects. 

New DonorPerfect + iWave integration

“In today’s fundraising ecosystem, nonprofit professionals need an efficient way to lead cultivation efforts with donors who are most closely aligned with their mission. And they want to integrate as many tools as they can with their DMS to break down the silo of information that exists within each of their tools,” said Dwight Richards, VP of Sales at iWave. “We’re excited to partner with DonorPerfect and enable users to enrich their database with iWave’s proprietary donor insights and analytics, including capacity and affinity score, without having to waste time navigating between the two apps.”

One of the key features of this integration is the availability of the iWave Score, the most robust ranking system available in the fundraising industry. iWave is the only platform that measures affinity by incorporating a donor’s external giving history to an organization. Plus, iWave’s unique Real Estate Equalizer ensures that capacity ratings are adjusted to the cost of living in a specific area, ensuring that capacity indicators are not overinflated.

DonorPerfect with iWave integration

The new integration delivers iWave’s prospect intelligence directly to donor records within DonorPerfect. Now, DonorPerfect users can precisely identify major gift prospects and segment donors based on their giving capacity, affinity, and propensity to give. 

To get started, a subscription to DonorPerfect and iWave is required.


About iWave

iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence solution, enables nonprofit organizations to fundraise with confidence. In a new era of nonprofit fundraising, iWave solves critical challenges facing fundraising professionals today: how to identify, qualify, and retain donors to raise more major gifts. iWave’s intuitive and easy-to-use solutions give access to the industry’s highest quality wealth and philanthropic information so you can determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask. Many of the largest education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations in the World, rely on iWave to power their fundraising efforts. Visit our website and blog, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and like us on Facebook and Instagram.

About DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect donor management and fundraising system offers tools, features, and best practices that equip and empower fundraisers to gain and retain donors, simplify their daily work, and grow the community that champions their cause. From intelligent dashboards that turn data into insights to comprehensive donor profiles primed for segmentation, DonorPerfect helps organizations effectively adopt today’s most powerful fundraising strategies with ease. Supporting 50,000 nonprofit professionals in raising over $100 billion, our fundraising success platform provides innovative and affordable solutions for today’s ever-changing fundraising landscape. Join our community of changemakers today.

For further information: Jill McCarville, VP Marketing, +1 800.655.7729

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