New Year, New PRO

iWave Launches New Version of their Popular Prospect Research Solution

When iWave Information Systems (iWave) decided to update their popular online prospect research tool, Prospect Research Online (PRO), they went to the experts for advice – their clients. Totally redesigned with the client in mind, the new PRO platform has the same industry leading data PRO clients trust, now backed by a more intuitive search platform. After extensive research and analysis including a focus group of current PRO clients, the new platform was launched in Beta format in December. “We chose to launch the new platform in Beta in order to provide greater flexibility for development updates while continuing to get vital client feedback,” says Gerry Lawless, President and CEO of iWave Information Systems. “We’re still making almost daily updates to PRO as more clients offer their feedback and we tailor the product to meet their needs. The solution officially went live January 19th and every week more and more clients are logging in.”

What’s New:
        • 360 Search: Search across all of the PRO datasets with just one click.
        • PRO Suggests: When working in an individual dataset, PRO will show you what’s available in the others so you know where to take your search next.
        • 360 Alerts: Be notified via email of a record change, including wealth creating events in the lives of your tracked prospects (currently in Beta)
In the Works:
        • 360 Profiles: Instantly create a prospect profile from the 360 Search tab that can be updated, saved and printed at your convenience.
        • US Political Contributions: A new dataset of US political donations records, fully integrated with all of the 360 features.
        • 360 Search Enhancements: Canadian datasets will soon be available in the 360 Search feature and a project to provide “probability matching” features is underway.

This isn’t the first time iWave has looked to their clients for direction. Recently, the company added Advanced Analytics services in response to increasing client inquiries. The additional service has been met with rave reviews. “Not only are our clients pleased with the results,” says Sarah Kennedy, Client Services Manager for iWave, “but they’re even happier to know they can receive this service without going outside the iWave brand they rely on to meet their research needs.”To see how the updated solution can benefit your organization, schedule a customized demonstration today.

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