Never Miss an Opportunity with iWave News and Obituaries with Alerts

In prospect research and fundraising, it’s important to be proactive in locating news about your prospects in a timely manner. The ability to access this information as-it-happens is key to engaging with prospective and current donors, strengthening their affinity for your organization, and building or maintaining strong relationships. iWave’s News and Obituaries with Alerts is the latest feature added to our fundraising intelligence platform to ensure nonprofits are able to operate more efficiently and effectively by acting on up-to-date information. 

Nonprofits using the new iWave platform can now access global news and obituaries and can be alerted to important information about prospects, donors, and more. Unlike standard news alerts that deliver irrelevant articles, iWave’s News Alerts cuts out the clutter to ensure you only receive relevant philanthropic information.

Here are some highlights of iWave News and Obituaries: 


Convenient Access To News & Obituaries

In partnership with Dow Jones, iWave brings you global news and obituaries from over 750 sources, as well as donor, company, executive, trustee, industry, and foundation information, all in one place so you can capture the full picture of your prospects and donors.


Eliminate The Noise

Searching the Web or using standard news alerts often delivers an overload of articles you can’t use because the information is irrelevant, out-of-date, or from unreliable sources. iWave helps you focus solely on expertly curated news and content from reliable sources within the past 5 years, so you can quickly discover the information you need.


Stay In The Know With iWave Alerts

The fundraising landscape is constantly changing and you need to stay up-to-date with what’s happening with your prospects, your donors, your industry and more. iWave News Alerts are easy to set up and help you track subjects of interest by delivering daily updates within iWave.


Actionable Information To Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are a researcher, gift officer, marketer or executive, you can use iWave’s news and obituaries search results to find new prospects, flag deceased constituents in your donor management system, see grants that have been awarded and their recipients, and gain a better understanding of your donors so you can move them through the donor journey.


How it works:

iWave News and Obituaries with Alerts will help you easily find the information you need and stay up to date with your donors, ensuring no opportunity is ever missed!

For more information about how iWave News and Obituaries with Alerts can help your fundraising efforts, please contact us to learn more or to set up a personalized demo! 

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