iWave’s 2019 Year in Review

And just like that! It’s December again. Over the last 12 months, iWave has had a lot of news to share. As the top-rated fundraising intelligence platform available to nonprofits, iWave is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to platform features, thought leadership and technology partnerships. Below you’ll find highlights of the year that was, including first-of-their-kind features, enhanced partnerships, and new content. 

iWave Insights

In February, iWave announced the release of its Insights feature. This first-of-it’s-kind feature helps nonprofit development teams segment their database and uncover major gift prospects by analyzing an individual’s donation history with the specific organization as well as wealth and philanthropic indicators within iWave’s database. 

iWave Insights will automatically segment a nonprofits database and sort individuals into the following four segments: Hidden Gems, Distinguished Philanthropists, Your Champions, and Not Now Prospects.

You can learn more about Insights here.

Introducing Generate Profile 

In March, iWave announced the release of Generate Profile, a new feature that uses proprietary matching logic to create prospect profiles by bringing wealth and philanthropic records together using a name(s) and an address. This new feature is the fastest way for development professionals to build prospect profiles that leverages the industry’s most comprehensive wealth and philanthropic database.

Learn more about Generate Profile here.

iWave Performance Hits The Market

Building off the success of iWave Insights feature, iWave’s newest addition called Performance will offer a new way to understand the major gift performance of a group of prospective donors. Performance enables you to better understand how constituents in your file are performing philanthropically relative to how they are performing with other nonprofits organizations. 

You can learn more about Performance here.

iWave Annouces Give Back Nation Partnership

In October,  iWave partnered with Give Back Nation as its expert sourcing partner for Wealth Screening. Give Back Nation is a giving and fundraising hub and national 501(c)(3) community foundation. After vetting and considering other platforms and solutions in the nonprofit technology space, they have chosen iWave as their exclusive partner. 

Learn more about the partnership here.

Updating Tessitura and Neon Integrations

This year, iWave released updated integrations for both Tessitura and Neon One. These two integrations will inject billions of data points into these industry-leading CRM platforms in order to better help nonprofits fundraise with confidence. With iWave for Tessitura, it is the first time an integration leverages Tessitura’s API integration pattern and gateway. With iWave for Neon, it’s the only integration of its scope between a prospect research tool and Neon One.

Learn more about the integrations here.

The Best Salesforce Integration Available In The Market

In early 2019, iWave released the latest update for iWave for Salesforce integration. This version offers users a more seamless experience between iWave and Salesforce while enabling more information being shared between systems as well as the first-ever batch scoring and screening of up to 250,000 constituents at a time.

Read more about iWave for Salesforce here.

Powering Up Gravyty Powered iWave

iWave and Gravyty, leaders in fundraising enablement and efficiency, have expanded their strategic partnership to better help healthcare organizations raise more major gifts, faster. This marks the first time that healthcare organizations have the ability to use AI and donor intelligence to change the world through grateful patient programs.

You can learn more about implementing a grateful patient program here.

iWave Updates Its Website

In November, iWave launched its updated website. Featuring a clean new look, a more modern design, and a fully responsive layout, new and returning visitors will be able to navigate easier while learning about iWave’s services and products more quickly and efficiently.

Read more about the website relaunch here.

New Content For The Nonprofit Industry

The past 12 months featured a lot of new content. As a thought-leader in the nonprofit industry, many organizations turn to iWave for best practices, current strategies, and the latest news. To help empower nonprofits, we published 59 blog posts, wrote three new ebooks, created five cheat sheets, had articles featured by Salesforce and G2, hosted 18 webinars and shared more social media posts than we can count.

iWave Experiences Exceptional Growth

2019 was a year of exceptional growth for iWave. Not only was iWave featured as a top nonprofit software, they experienced growth in number of users and screening usage. The year was capped off by achieving an NPS score of +56, 162% higher than their closest competitor.


About iWave – iWave is a top-rated fundraising intelligence platform because it enables development departments to fundraise with confidence. Our solutions help you determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask through scoring, screening, and intel on your prospective donor’s capacity and inclination to give. Since 1991, over 6000 clients have used iWave to power their development efforts.

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